Multi-label Boutiques Around Orchard Road Singapore

Tucked away in places you may not frequent are some of the best multi-label boutiques in Singapore. Many of these are located in the shopping mecca of Orchard Road. The best thing about multi-label boutiques is that they stock a … Continue reading

Cineleisure: A Hidden Gem In The Heart of Orchard, Singapore

Cineleisure is best known as a cinema complex and a great shopping destination by mostly savvy shoppers. Located just off Orchard Road on Grange Road, Cineleisure holds some terrific hidden gems in Singapore. The local shops, local brands in this … Continue reading

What’s new at Orchard Central?

The latest store at Orchard Central is hook & union. A collaboration between threadbare & squirrel and DH.Sunglass, this multi-label store is all about bringing together two stores with similar approaches. As independent stores threadbare & squirrel and DH.Sunglass highly … Continue reading

Top 7 Local Boutiques at Pacific Plaza, Singapore

Pacific Plaza is located just off Orchard Road on Scotts Road and offers a number of retail therapy options for the savvy fashionista. Due to a couple of well-known surfing and skater brand outlets on the ground floor (level 1), … Continue reading

Mandarin Gallery puts luxury into local shopping on Orchard Road, Singapore!

Mandarin Gallery is proof that Singapore is a world-class local shopping destination! Mandarin Gallery is the perfect place for fashionistas looking for elegant local shops, local brands. Through the dozens of stores spread across 4-floors, Mandarin Gallery offers fabulous retail … Continue reading

Orchard Central: The Hottest Local Shops, Local Brands

One of our favourite destinations for local shops, local brands on Orchard Road is Orchard Central. As a shopping mall it presents a ‘unique cluster concept, grouping complementary offerings together to serve as special destinations for shoppers’. Although this layout … Continue reading

What’s All The Hype About? The Basement at Wheelock Place

Living in Singapore you would have recently seen and heard a number of advertisements for the basement at Wheelock Place. These have perhaps got you wanting to know more?! If you are planning a visit to Singapore you may have … Continue reading