Orchard Central: The Hottest Local Shops, Local Brands

IMG_0347One of our favourite destinations for local shops, local brands on Orchard Road is Orchard Central. As a shopping mall it presents a ‘unique cluster concept, grouping complementary offerings together to serve as special destinations for shoppers’. Although this layout is a little maze like, perseverance should pay off, as you are likely to discover some of the best local gems around a little corner.

Housing 20 or so of Singapore’s hottest names, our favourite local shops, local brands with quality and unique women’s fashion, men’s fashion, shoes, bags, and accessories are found on levels 2-4.

THE RECKLESS SHOP. #02-08/09. – Men’s Fashion. Women’s Fashion.
The main concept of Reckless Ericka is ‘Euro-centric’. So you will find classic tailoring with edgy use of silhouette and colours, and constructing avant-garde silhouettes with classic details. The Reckless Shop is the ultimate infusion of edginess and quirkiness!
The Reckless Shop carries in-house labels, Reckless Ericka  (Men’s and Women’s) and ODDS by Reckless Ericka (Women’s), as well as a curated selection of quirky accessories by fashion show producer extraordinaire, Daniel Boey.


BLACKMARKET no. 2. #02-10. Men’s Fashion. Women’s Fashion. Accessories. Shoes & Footwear.
Blackmarket support local and regional designers. A multi-label concept store bringing you some of our favourite Singaporean designers: Al & Alicia, Carrie K, Feist Heist, JASON, SUNDAYS, young&restless, Stone For Gold, The Little Dröm Store and so many more.




HOOK & UNION #02-24/25. Men’s Fashion. Women’s Fashion. Accessories.

Hook & Union is a collaboration between threadbare & squirrel and DH.Sunglass. This multi-label store is all about bringing together two stores with similar approaches. Hook & Union stocks local fashion labels such as max.tan, Weekend Sundries, Lion Earl, Youyou and Hooked Clothing as well as accessories by Mandy Wu, Alister Yiap (Australia) and Happy Socks (Sweden) and shoes by Lowell and LookMyBabouch (Tunisia). Hook & Union also has an impressive range of eyewear by independent international designers. Generally items range from US$50-400.

hook & union

SABRINAGOH. #02-11/12. Men’s Fashion. Women’s Fashion.
SABRINAGOH, concept store, is named after the designer showcases her collections of menswear and womenswear. Inspired by structural forms and motivated by dreams, Sabrina Goh’s style is unconventional details and edgy silhouette with bold use of colour, construction and fabrication. Every piece is best represented with mixed elements of femininity and masculinity.
SABRINAGOH carries ELOHIM, L’ile Aux Ashby, See You Tomorrow and Soe.

PACT. #02-16-19. Men’s Fashion. Women’s Fashion. Accessories. Shoes & Footwear.
PACT is a union of three different experiences in one multifaceted environment, putting a roof over the common appreciation for honest goods, tasty foods and creative services.
The fashion is brought to you by our friends at K.I.N. – a thoughtful clothing and lifestyle store with products curated for their quality, design and craftsmanship.


WALKING TALL. #03-28. Shoes & Footwear.
Walking Tall is a men’s shoe boutique with a difference. This range of over 70 designs comes with hidden heels for business or casual occasions, from sporty slip-ons to classic lace-ups. Each shoes also comes in favourite shades like black, beige and brown.

310 WOODLAND. #03-28A. Accessories. Bags & Luggage. Shoes & Footwear.
If you are after hip and ironic Native America handicraft, 301 Woodland will delight you. Think genuine leather goods such as handbags, belts, watch straps and many more. A fantastic range of authentic leather moccasins and sandals from America, with a native flare. We couldn’t go past the backpack with the map of Australia on the top flap. Brilliant!

IMG_0318[EGG]-CCESSORIZE by Egg3. #04-07. Accessories. Bags & Luggage. Shoes & Footwear.
EGG-ccessorise is the newest stylish project by EGG3. In the same way as other Egg3 stores delight those after that have character and innovation, [Egg]-ccesorize presents an eclectic mix of unique accessories – for your wardrobe, home and office. This store is perfect for those seeking something off the beaten track in terms of jewellery, hats, scarves, bags, cushions, and all other type of accessories imaginable.

THE EDITOR’S MARKET. #04-08. Men’s Fashion. Women’s Fashion. Accessories. Shoes & Footwear.
The Editor’s Market is the ultimate hipster and indie fashion destination, stocking an extensive and unrivaled edit of women’s fashion, bags, shoes and accessories. Aside from their fashion-forward in-house fashion, The Editor’s Market carries exciting and edgy independent labels.


Until next time, happy shopping wherever you may be!

the travelshopa team x

Orchard Central

Address. 181 Orchard Road 238896 Singapore

Opening times. 11am – 10pm (note that some stores vary)

Parking. Yes (Free Valet Parking)

Nearest MRT. Somerset

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