Catching A Moment With Meera


Singaporean fashion blogger Meera may be young at only 16 years old, but she’s no newbie to the local fashion blogging scene. Having been interested in writing and fashion since her childhood years growing up in New York City, Meera kick started her fashion blog when she was just 12 years old, and found herself hooked right away.

“Back then, I was looking for a way to blend two of my biggest passions – fashion and writing. And fashion blogging was naturally a perfect option,” she shares with Travelshopa. “I had always been a writer, and fashion became an interest of mine through reading all of my mother’s well-kept issues of Vogue one summer.”

That was how her blog, Moments With Meera was born.

Even though Meera has been living in Singapore for the past six years, she still calls India and New York City home, but finds each destination’s fashion offerings just as captivating and unique in their own ways.

“Having grown up in New York City, I am accustomed to shopping there and I truly think it was one of the best cities to shop in,” she offers. “With an unlimited supply of brands, stores on every block and amazing selections year-round, New York is a shopaholic’s dream.”

As for India, she loves their ethnic designs that are fused with a touch of modern aesthetics. “India is a very different shopping experience from Singapore mostly because the two places are so different from one another,” she observes. “I opt for shopping at FabIndia, (which just opened in Singapore!) Anokhi, and the jewelry brand Amrapali.”

“India offers so many beautiful places to shop with items that truly reflect the country’s culture. Look for items that have these qualities, and are also light and comfortable because Singapore requires clothing like that,” she suggests.

Of course, she does have her list of favourite local brands, which include most designers from Parco Next Next, such as Alexandria Chen and Saloni Rathor – “they both have unique aesthetics and shine light on the evolving Singaporean fashion industry,” she says – as well as Sabrina Goh and Eve by Eve Tan.

And three brands that she always keeps an eye out on Travelshopa are: Chic Stash, ARC, and Pinwheel Jewels.

If Meera could sum up her blog in three words, it’d be: “articulate”, “chic”, “reflective”, “fun” and “focused”, which is a perfect reflection on the kind of person the 16-year-old student is.





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