Where would you like to go shopping?

There’s something incredibly addictive about shopping, whether at online stores, brick-and-mortar shops and boutiques, or even at pop-up events. It’s a universal habit that you’ll find pretty much anywhere in the developed world – some people may prefer shopping in their home countries, while others really love travel shopping (personally, we love both!), but what does it mean to be a travel shopper? Do you have to be incredibly well travelled, having visited all the top fashion capitals of the world, or have a colourful wardrobe filled with pieces fished from the far corners of the Earth?

Well, we say ‘no’. As long as you enjoy shopping while overseas, and have an eye for unique pieces that speak the language of the country from which it comes, you’re absolutely considered a true travel shopper.

And one thing travel shoppers have in common is that we are always on the lookout for great shopping spots around the world, which is why we’ve spoken to some local designers and retailers from Singapore about some of their favourite places or dream cities to shop in.

After gathering them for insights on their travel shopping preferences, we discovered some amazing, even surprising, revelations on perfect travel shopping spots.

Naturally, there are your classic cities like New York, Paris, Milan and London but some unexpected spots popped up in our conversations as well. Some of our designers cited places like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bali and Singapore as top shopping cities – and we couldn’t agree more!

Watch the video to gather inspiration for your next travel shopping trip.

Also tell us… where you would like to go shopping and we will work towards profiling that city!


Where would you like to go shopping?

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