Where To Buy and Sell Preloved Fashion in Singapore


Once practically non-existent in the Singapore market, preloved fashion stores have been sprouting up like mushrooms over the past few years, with two new stores, Chic Stash and Style Tribute hitting the scene within this half of the year alone.

What’s not to love about preloved fashion? Most of us refresh our wardrobes once a year at least, and instead of leaving last season’s dresses at the back of your closet, why not pass them on to another loving fashionista who would love and appreciate the piece more than the dust mites would? Let’s not forget how good it is for the environment as well – not to mention our wallets! But if you’re still a little iffy about it, most of these preloved fashion stores offer a charity option where you may donate your proceeds to a partner charity or charity of your choice.

While you’re at it, you could browse through their websites for some great vintage pieces to add to your collection as well! Or even that one limited edition piece that you missed a couple of years back – now is your chance to get it!

Chic Stash. If you haven’t heard of Chic Stash yet, you’re definitely missing out on some great vintage and second-hand buys for luxury goods. That means getting some Gucci, D&G, Kate Spade and the like at up to 90 per cent off. Of course, you will catch a glimpse of some emerging luxury brands here and there as well, and they’ve got pretty much everything from clothing, bags, shoes and accessories! Be sure to check out their VIP section as well, where you might get your hands on an item that has actually been on the red carpet!

Robe Raiders. Started up by three stylish women each from a rich fashion background, Robe Raiders offers not just women’s apparel from luxury brand names, but also personal styling and shopping services to help you look your absolute best with items both from your existing wardrobe and your new pre-loved Robe Raiders stash. That even includes hair and makeup recommendations for an upcoming event you might have! Along with their great collection of dresses, shoes, bags and jewellery, that definitely makes this one of our top pre-loved fashion store choices.


Granny’s Day Out. Known as one of Singapore’s top vintage stores, Granny’s Day Out sources for great fashion finds from the 1920s to 80s from all over the world, handpicked by two ladies with incredibly discerning tastes. Self-proclaiming themselves as “Granny-wannabes”, these two ladies, the founders of the store, practically live and breathe vintage fashion, and personally ensure that every piece of clothing, purse, shoe and accessory has been well cleaned and restored to pitch perfect condition. 3 Coleman Street, #03-25 Peninsula Shopping Centre. Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 12pm – 8pm; Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 12pm – 6pm.

Back Alley Project. You know what they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – something that Back Alley Project feels strongly about, which is why they highly encourage you to not just buy from them but also sell some of your preloved wares to them. You won’t find any high-end labels here, but a lot of their stuff’s brand new as many of their items are from women who have purchased fashion items online only to find they did not fit – something plenty of us are familiar with!  Oh, and they’ve got some adorable kid’s rompers and other clothing too!

Clothes Agency. Similar to Chic Stash and Robe Raiders, you’ll find some great luxury fashion pieces here at Clothes Agency, which includes men’s and women’s apparel, bags, shoes and accessories – and even vintage items, sportswear and maternity clothing! They also recently started up a new “fripping” service, which converts preloved fashion wares into donations for charities of the seller’s choice. Perfect for the busy working crowd who simply don’t have time to drop their preloved fashion goods off at the Salvation Army – yes, they are more than willing to drive down to your home to pick up your items – free of charge!

Style Tribute. One of the newer preloved fashion shops to hit the market, Style Tribute has some really amazing pieces that will have you drooling for more. Expect luxury clothing, footwear and accessories that have been stamped with authenticity by their team of Style Tribute experts. And if you’re looking to sell, they’ve got a fool proof system where you just need to submit photos of the item along with a short, filled-in form on your preloved item, and they’ll handle the selling for you.


Where would you like to go shopping?

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