The Classy And Delicate White Ginger

Sky High Fashion Lunch - Littleones - 41

When Emma Femminile first came across White Ginger, then a rather unknown label, she felt an instant connection to the designs and knew instantly that it’d be something huge one day.

“I loved that they were original designs, and I loved the designs,” Emma shares. “There was that connection to the brand, its work and its philosophy, so I had no qualms purchasing it off the original owner around two years ago.”

Since then, it has burgeoned into a successful brand, with a strong identity embodied in the typical White Ginger lady: a sophisticated woman who keeps things stylish yet classic, understands the importance of comfort in tropical living, and a well-seasoned traveller.

Its latest collections veer towards resort wear, which only makes sense in this local tropical climate, and fits perfectly into the store’s philosophy of helping women look stylish around the clock – even when doing your every day things like grocery shopping.

As someone who is massively brand loyal to her own label, Emma’s favourite pieces in White Ginger’s current collection include some pieces by St Barts, a split sleeve signature piece by White Ginger and a classic shirt with “WG” embedded on external pockets.

In November, however, White Ginger will be taking an unexpected twist. “We’re going to be introducing a sleepwear range, which was an original business idea I had before I bought over White Ginger,” her reveals. “We also have a BORAH evening collection coming out and new fragrances such as room diffusers and fragrant sachet bags for your home.”

The new sleepwear range will feature shorts, yoga pants and singlets in neutral colours like white, vanilla, grey and navy in sizes of up to UK14-16.

Emma has some big plans for White Ginger up her sleeves as well – she’s currently working on having the label stocked in big cities worldwide such as Tokyo, Sydney and London. Though one city whose fashion scene she’s really looking to is Seoul – “That’s where it’s all happening now!” she observes.

Looking a little closer to home, Emma loved shopping at Flea & Trees at Tiong Bahru – “It’s such a gorgeous boutique,” she gushes – and Bungalow 55 and Fifth Element at Cluny Court.

Image: Courtesy of Littleones Photography

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