Gifts for Guys

Cumulus-SingaporeBelieve it or not, we’re barely two months away from Christmas – where on earth did the year go? – and we, the ever-ready-to-please wives and girlfriends, are hit with the annual conundrum: what can we buy for our man that won’t spark off one of those tortured “That’s nice, dear” grimaces?

Fortunately for you, we’ve found four local shops and local brands in Singapore that have the perfect solutions. And you can be sure that there’s something for every type of guy out there: the tech geek, the dapper businessman, the art aficionado and even the odd hat collector.

Cumulus. When you’re not quite sure what to get, sometimes having a wide variety of options really helps – which is precisely what Cumulus offers. A lifestyle store that stocks limited bags and accessories by labels from all over the world, including the UK, US, Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong and, of course, Singapore, Cumulus’ products are classy and stylish all at once, with sophisticated messenger and laptop bags, on top of other nifty gadget gear for the tech buffs. 504 Orchard Road #02-14, Wheelock Place. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11am – 9.30pm.

CufflinksMade4U. Cufflinks always make great gifts – they’re sharp, elegant, neither too cheap nor too expensive to buy as gifts, and they usually come in beautiful gift boxes. CufflinksMade4U goes one better, however, by offering customisable cufflinks painstakingly handmade to your specifications. And to keep things simple, each pair from this online boutique is priced at USD232, with an easy step-by-step guide where you can choose the shape of your cufflink, pick from a wide selection of design patterns, and input any messages or numbers you’d like engraved on them.


For Me By T. If your man is an art lover or design geek, you might want to give For Me By T a little peek. They provide vintage-styled bus rolls, art blocks and passport canvases that you can personalise with words and phrases that are particularly meaningful for you and your family. It’s your answer to a unique, personal gift for Him that he can put up on a wall for all to see – what could be more perfect?


Hat of Cain. In the tropical and, at times brutal, heat of Singapore, we could all do with a hat for that ultra sunny day – and preferably one that stands out in style. We women have hefty options for sunhats, but men, well, they aren’t so lucky. Enter the Panama hat, handwoven out of toquilla straw with age-old techniques passed down from generations ago in Ecuador. A perfect accessory for any day out at the beach, or anywhere outdoors really, the Panama hat is a classic piece that’d match just about any outfit, and Hat of Cain has great options for your guy. Hat of Cain is the exclusive distributor of Panama hats in Singapore, and does personal fittings so each hat fits perfectly. No.5 Lorong 24A Geylang. Opening Hours: Sat: 11am – 3pm; Sun: By Appointment Only (Call 8671 4908).

Hat_of_Cain-Singapore - Copy (deleted ab67018bf521da105d17f46be7caf745)

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