Fashion With Benefits


Sustainable fashion has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to an increasingly eco-conscious clientele. And contrary to popular belief, shopping sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to break the bank.

Enter, where you get a handpicked collection of women’s apparel that are both socially and environmentally sustainable at up to 70 percent less than retail prices.

Heaven knows how they’ve managed these prices, but that means dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, scarves and shoes ranging from only $15 to $150. But that doesn’t mean they’ve skimped on the quality. The online multi-label boutiques features brands with the likes of local labels such as Aijek and Edge of Ember on board, as well as emerging brands from across the globe, including the award-winning Indego Africa, UK-based Ruby Rocks, Australian designer Alice McCall’s House of Wilde, and eclectic Spanish label Skunkfunk.

Of course, each and every label demonstrates a strong social conscience in various ways: from using sustainable materials in their designs and repurposing end-of-line collections to engaging in fair trade and non-exploitation manufacturing. For instance, local label Aijek uses only top quality sustainable fabrics, and Edge of Ember boasts beautiful jewellery pieces handcrafted by artisans from third-world countries like Cambodia and Nepal.

On top of all this, donates USD5 to its partnering charity for every piece sold – no matter how much the item costs. The online multi-label boutique rotates around partner charities every six months, starting off with Destiny Rescue, which works to rescue and educate children who’ve suffered through human trafficking and sexual exploitation in third-world countries.

The idea is to give fashionistas all over the world a chance to update their wardrobes with new and exciting labels, while being socially responsible for the environment, and developing societies around the world. Which makes “TheFashionBenefit” such an apt name for the online boutique – not only do customers benefit; but also the environment and needy communities. kicks off at the end of October, and in celebration of its launch, they’ll be offering 10% off all purchases above $200, with gift-wrapping services until December 31, 2013.





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