Lustworthy leather goods from 72 Smalldive


Local label 72 Smalldive has been based out of Milan, Italy for a while now, but after a successful run overseas, they’ve decided that it’s time to come home and establish a stronger presence for themselves here in Singapore.

That’s why you might’ve seen them at this year’s Blueprint, where they impressed onlookers with their handmade accessories targeted at the price-conscious traveller.

The local brand has always been known for bringing nothing but the best craftsmanship to the table, thereby creating luxurious and beautifully designed pieces. In fact, luxury has always been central to the brand’s philosophy – the name “Smalldive” comes from a jazz song titled “Lush Life”.

“It’s about having a cocktail, and imagining the posh life,” shares the designer. “My perception on life and for my designs is, ‘I could be living an ordinary life but I like to be luxurious’.”

Their latest collection is targeted at the frequent traveller, with items made in luxurious antique leather, which means long lasting durability and flexibility.

Rest assured that their products are at affordable prices, as the designers create works for the price conscious consumer, especially since they’ve noted that locals, in particular, enjoy updating their wardrobes frequently. But even with this in mind, 72 Smalldive continues to design products that go in line with their signature luxurious, leather-inspired style, which they hope will last a lifetime.

Despite having just launched their new collection, 72 Smalldive is already working on their next project: an exciting collaboration with Swarovski. Their dream is to see stylish Hollywood stars like Joseph Gordon-Lewitt and Keanu Reeves donning their accessories and they take plenty of inspiration from the styles of Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Stockholm and the Netherlands.

Surprisingly, one of their founder/designer’s favourite shopping destinations isn’t New York, Milan or Paris; it’s the Philippines. “I love crafts, so I love going to Philippines and getting their distinct woven baskets,” he gushes.




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