Fashion Designer Singapore | Sundays

You might be forgiven if you don’t recognise local label Sundays’ latest collection. After all, while their previous collections often feature prints and vibrant colours, this latest collection, which marks their 10th, goes in a completely different direction.

“This season, we incorporated more technical aspects in the designs. The collection also has more beige tones and metrical looks, and focuses more on comfort,” the designers shared when we caught up with them at Singapore’s Blueprint 2013.

That’s why instead of the usual bright colours, you’ll find very natural tones of white, grey, blue and beige, such as cornflower button tees and khaki chino pants that are soft to the touch as much as they are on the eyes.

“We were inspired by the colour white and the idea of being casual,” they add. “We imagined two poets hanging out, both filled with a pure soul, where everything was filled with a white and nothing but white.”

As the menswear label is driven by a love of seasons and summers in particular, Sundays often incorporates warmth into their designs, which reflects clearly in their current collection as well.

Despite the vast differences between this season’s beige tones and their usual bold colours of past collections, one things remains the same: Sundays has once again created quality pieces in classic, yet innovative designs rooted in the philosophy of honest, top-notch craftsmanship.

Sundays is available at Temporium, Beluga, PARCO next NEXT and threadbare & squirrel. Or check out their online store for their new arrivals and sale items.

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