What’s new in Little India?

Last weekend an exciting new pop-up store and diner opened. While we agree the coffee by brewers Papa Palheta and food by Chef Wilin Low of Wild Rocket is amazing, Temporium has grabbed our attention as it houses some 32 of the best local talent Singapore has to offer.

Temporium has given Dunlop Street in quaint Little India a good makeover (which you can’t miss with the distinct lime and white branding) and has introduced shopping for local brands to a part of the city that has yet to see much retail love in general. We trust that Temporium will provide the ethnic quarter of Singapore a new focus over the next 6 months; when this well curated store and diner will sadly close its doors on 8 March 2014.

Housed across two conservation houses, and two floors, Temporium provides homegrown designers, craftsmen and artists a place to exhibit their work in a friendly, warm and inviting setting. You will be able to find local labels such as:

Accessories | Camouflager, Elska, Fabrix, ForInsaneHuman, Ling Wu, Miller, Mystic Vintage, Stone For Gold, Uyii and Yesah

Jewellery & Watches | Ag by Argentum, Ade.g, By Invite Only, Edypoi, Mu:ted, Saught, and Woon Hung

Lifestyle (such as books, stationery & gifts) | BooksActually, Kitchen Label, Mason & Smith and Weekend Worker

Women’s Fashion | Bedlam, Laark, Panayo, Possi‑Tilly‑Ty, Stolen andYumumu

Men’s Fashion | Bedlamite, -J-A-S-O-N-, MILS, and SUNDAYS

Come take a look inside the latest must-see shop in Singapore…

Temporium - 002

Temporium - 153

Temporium - 041

Temporium - 033

Temporium - 026

Temporium - 052

Temporium - 086

Temporium - 092

Temporium - 022

Temporium - 007

Temporium - 105

Temporium - 165

Temporium - 110

Temporium - 148

Temporium - 114

Temporium - 128

Temporium - 124

Temporium - 121Temporium - 135

Temporium - 136


72-74 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209400

Store Opening Hours 10am-8pm (Tue-Sun)

Café opening hours 9am-10pm (Tue-Sun)

Temporium is a project by Tofu Design and Breezeway Developments

Where would you like to go shopping?

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