Saloni Rathor | The Passage AW13

Drawing inspiration from 1920s women’s fashion and the enigmatic Dutch dancer, Mata Hari, local label Saloni Rathor’s latest Autumn/Winter Collection, titled The Passage, is an explosion of bold colours, elaborate prints and embellished butterfly motifs.

Clean-cut lines and strong silhouettes make for flattering cuts for the modern woman, inserting edginess into feminine styles to create bold and avant-garde designs.

The Passage features 21 different looks that combine a mix of fabrics from different cultural and historical backgrounds such as Indian silk, Indonesian lace and Japanese cotton. Woven and knit fabrics are also sewn into the pieces, giving each silhouette a different character.

With materials from so many different countries, the collection is infused with a sense of travel and discovery, while digital prints, draping and fringe details offer an additional modern design aesthetic.

Look out for Mystic Falls, a flapper dress with an image of the mysterious Mata Hari, Weaved in Love, a limited edition lace jacked with delicate finishings, and If Blemishes were Beautiful, a simple lavender dress with broken butterfly patterns printed over the legendary spy and exotic dancer Mata Hari.

All in all, The Passage is a bold and exotic collection of rich colours and elaborate prints that speak a tale of romance, dreams, imperfections and hope.

Saloni Rathor can be found at Parco Next Next, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Level 2.

If Blemishes were beautiful

Mystic Falls

The EmeraldiansBespoke

Weaved in Love (1)

Weaved In Love

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