Gnossem launches into handcrafted Italian leather shoes

If you’ve always dreamed of shoe shopping in Italy, but have never found the time to make the trip, you may just have your dreams come true – and you don’t even need to leave the country.

Gnossem now offers handcrafted Italian leather shoes straight from the central Marche region in Italy – also known to fashionistas as “shoe mecca”.

To start off, the online multi-label boutique, known for offering some of the world’s most exciting independent fashion designers, will be stocking up to 80 pairs of shoes of 27 designs, with designer brands such as Giancarlo Paoli and Giorgio Fabiani.

All the shoes have been made in family-run factories, some of which have produced shoes for top luxury brands such as Prada and Tod’s. Expect unique designs that have not yet reached other parts of Asia; from gladiator heels to comfortable ballet flats, each pair is of premium quality and highly affordable with a price range of $150 to $500.






ViolaFor more shoes and details go to Gnossem

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