What’s new in Chinatown?

Right in the heart of Chinatown has appeared one of the most refreshing multi-label concept stores to hit Singapore this year. A stones throw away from the boutiques of Ann Siang Hill, now resides a fashion boutique offering a well-curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

At The Buckhouse Refinery you can expect a gallery feel; a place that keeps permanent fixtures and racks at bay to achieve a more flexibility and mobile retail space. The Buckhouse Refinery is a boutique where the fashion does all the talking! Quality and cutting-edge design are evident in the selection process bringing together a range that is contemporary yet complementary.

You will be able to find local and international brands catering to both men’s and women’s fashion like By Invite Only, Era Ora, Wanderluster, Bones and Feathers, Staple The Label, Hunt No More, Ashley Marc Hovelle and many many more. What’s more you can shop at The Buckhouse Refinery online.

What’s more… an in-store coffee corner is coming very soon!

The Buckhouse Refinery - 15

The Buckhouse Refinery - 02

The Buckhouse Refinery - 04

The Buckhouse Refinery - 07

The Buckhouse Refinery - 12

The Buckhouse Refinery - 16

The Buckhouse Refinery - 14

The Buckhouse Refinery

18 Keong Saik Road, 089125 Singapore

Open daily 11am – 9pm

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