Some of the best homewares stores in Singapore

So we’ve established that Haji Lane is the best shopping strip in Singapore for indie fashion; Pasir Panjang is the ultimate location for furniture shopping; and Cluny Court is one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets when it comes to all round shopping.

But rest assured that Singapore does have a pretty decent selection of homeware stores too. Whether you’re looking for small furniture pieces, a centrepiece for your coffee table, art decorate your walls or even hard-to-find items like European country-styled home accessories, Singapore’s homeware offerings will certainly surprise you.

These are just some of the gorgeous homewares stores around – and the best thing is that some of them are online, so you don’t even need to leave your home to check them out!

Bungalow 55. Having moved to new countries a fair few times in her life, Australian-born Nina Beale, who runs Bungalow 55, understands the need for flexibility when its comes to home accessories. So don’t be surprised if you find that each piece, whether furniture, lighting items, floor rugs or other home accessories, is made with such timelessness that it could fit in just about anywhere in the world. Taking inspiration from nautical, tropical and oriental elements with a touch of East Hamptons preppy, Bungalow 55 exudes a classic yet unique style that has clear influences from famed designers such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria Hagan, Stuart Membery and Marco Meneguzzi. 501 Bukit Timah Road, #01-05 Cluny Court. Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 9.30am – 6.30pm; Sun: 10am – 6pm.


Fifth Element. Bordeaux-born Severine de Lageard and Vietnam-born Valerie Oriol are two very different women with one thing in common: a penchant for mixing and matching elements that, to the untrained eye, may seem impossible to meld. Joining forces to form Fifth Element Home Accessories, the pair aims to bring harmony to your home through elegant and beautiful pieces that are a perfect blend of Asian and Western influences. Thanks to Oriol’s love for Feng Shui, the store gets its name from the five Feng Shui elements that are known to bring a perfect, harmonious energy into your home and life – when chosen and arranged in the right way. Fifth Element currently offers five collections of home accessories, titled Metal, Glass, Linen, Basic Elements and Light. 501 Bukit Timah Road, #02-23 Cluny Court.


Gezel Home Accessories. Being a rather small and extremely urban city-state, it can be difficult finding country-styled homewares here in Singapore. Enter Gezel Home Accessories, with items such as baskets, candle stands, indoor and outdoor cushions, art prints, pots, statues, trays and the list goes on. European country-style is their niche, and you can be sure that each piece is handmade with expert hands – and it’s always a huge plus to know that a store is eco-friendly so you won’t have a thing on your eco-conscience.

Make Room. Make Room may offer furniture and home styling services, but its homeware collection is a force to be reckoned with as well. Apart from its own knitted designs of hand-sewn cotton rope, poufs, cushions and other accessories, Make Room also offers Danish brand Madam Stoltz, known for their sharp yet classy designs, and Dutch brand, STGD, with its homely fabrics and materials that have been upcycled and handcrafted with absolute care. The store is firm in its belief that every home should express its owners inside out, which is why every piece you find exudes a warm and fuzzy feel that is both nostalgic and modern at the same time. 1200 Depot Road (Off Alexandra Road) #06-01, Opening Hours: Wed – Fri: 10.30am – 6pm; Sat – Sun 12pm – 6pm.

Shiva Designs Bespoke. If exotic, whimsical and slightly oriental-influenced homeware pieces are right up your alley, you won’t be disappointed with Shiva Designs Bespoke. The homeware, gift and jewellery store offers an eclectic mix of handcrafter soft furnishings, ceramics and other home accessories from an assortment of designers from India and Australia. The store places strong emphasis on creativity, aiming to nurture and promote up-and-coming artists, and helping them develop their niche. It will be difficult not to be inspired with these innovative works that are sure to add lots of personality and colour into any home. 2 Martin Place, #31-02 Martin Place Residences (by appointment only)


Verandah Living. Being in a country with a very tropical climate, it seems only apt that you consider some homeware pieces with a tropical slant. And Verandah Living offers just that. The furniture store provides luxury homewares from all over the world: Egyptian Cotton bedsheets – check; aromatic soy candles from Australia – check; indoor and outdoor cushions from Singapore – check and check. The pieces are curated with the idea of “vintage tropical” in mind – perfect for a relaxing beach house or a home that emphasises the lush tropical feel of calm and relaxation. Shop 2C 896 Dunearn Road, Level 2 Sime Darby Centre. Opening Hours: Tue – Sat: 10.30am – 6pm; Sun: 12pm – 6pm.


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