Partying with a Personal Touch


Out with print, and in with digital, they say – and that seems to extend to gifts, greeting cards, event invitations and party items as well. A digital card with an image of kittens in a basket – yes please. An animated birthday cake tablet application where you can blow out your own digital candles – why not?

With all these fun and technically sophisticated new digital innovations, is it any wonder why it’s getting increasingly difficult to find quality stationery for events anymore?

Thankfully, there’s still a group of entrepreneurs who recognise that nothing quite offers the personal touch that physical cards, gifts and ornaments do. That’s why they’ve started up various outfits that offer party crafts of different shapes and sizes, each with a distinct design style that would appeal to many individual tastes across a wide spectrum.

We’ve combed through Singapore (both online and off) to suss out some of the best party craft design offerings around, each more fun and quirky than the one before. Singapore might not be known for having creative minds, but you’d be surprised at the quality of designs and materials these businesses have got to offer.

English Folly Abroad. Think ‘British’ and a couple of things come to mind: the Union Jack, tea and scones, doilies, football and even the Queen of England, perhaps – all of which shout out at you from the family firm’s Facebook page in an instant. Started out as a store selling wedding stationery in the UK, English Folly Abroad is the company’s first foray into Asia and offers a wide range of products here, including greetings cards, personalised stationery, gifts, textiles and bespoke fine art.

englishfolly-2 copy

Groovy Gifts. The word “groovy” might have gone out of fashion some 40 years ago, but there couldn’t be a more apt adjective for the children’s gift shop in Bukit Timah. At Groovy Gifts, you’ll find both retro and modern gifts such as stationery, greeting cards, wrapping paper and gift boxes, as well as other unexpected finds like Silly Bandz, temporary tattoos, and Scratch and Sniff stickers. They’ve even got imported items including candles, lanterns and candy from the U.S. and Australia. Just remember to keep an eye on your child if you bring them along for a visit – they might not be able to control their excitement at all the goodies available!

Not In The Malls. Ever traipsed through fairs and bazaars, spotted numerous crafts and gifts, and wondered why there wasn’t a permanent space for these wonderful whimsical wares? Well, thank goodness for the Internet – and the creators of Not In The Malls, an online marketplace that brings together various creative independent individuals who either design or source charming gifts and stationery for every occasion. Whether you’re shopping for a lover, colleague, family member or friend, Not In The Malls probably has the perfect item for you.

O with Double Dots. This online crafts store has a bit of a funny name, but it’s oddly fitting. Founder Evonne Ng, is passionate about the creation of all things fun and proudly proclaims herself to be a ‘crafter of happy goods, for happy people’. True enough, a quick glimpse at the website is enough to put a smile on your face, as her quirky take on piñatas, home accessories, bags and pouches are truly one-of-a-kind, and utterly adorable.

Ozzy & Lulu. When it comes to greeting cards, sometimes the simplest messages are the most effective ones, and Ozzy & Lulu proves just that with captions like: “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly” and “You’re the eggs to my bacon” under basic yet artfully created graphics. Created by two sisters who are bound not just by blood, but also their love for design and stationery, the store offers a wide range of paper goods such as doodlebooks, postcards, bookmarks, framed prints and, of course, greeting cards.

Teasecups, Being environmentally friendly always proves popular with customers (and Mother Earth) but it can be a little expensive – especially for a home-based, home-styled design house like Teasecups. Yet that doesn’t stop the brand from subscribing to the philosophy, which only makes us like it more. Teasecups offers journals, cards, badges and totes, as well as custom-made designs that are whimsical, but with an Asian twist.

teascups copy

Wheniwasfour. For an insight into the childhood memories of the typical Singaporean, wheniwasfour is the perfect go-to place. Taking inspiration from a time when life on the island was a whole lot simpler, the design studio creates handcrafted goods such as accessories, tote bags, note books and post cards that feature old school elements such as five stones (an old children’s game), iced gems (colourful sugar-iced biscuits popular with Singapore children) and chalkboards (a staple at schools once upon a time). Available online and at local stockists: The Little Drom Store, BooksActually, Tyrwhitt General Company, S U P E R M A M A, Shinnpark, FARM Store, The Damn Good Shop, Modern Asian Diner Restaurant, Haystakt, Naiise and Grammah.

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