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Even while juggling a busy life between Singapore and London Susannah Jaffer still finds time for her fashion diary, A Fashionable Leo. With a penchant for heels, draped flowing dresses and lipgloss, this fashionista is on the up and up. Her writing has recently gained her a nomination as a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 for Levi’s Best Fashion Blog, and her voice as a fashion and lifestyle commentator is growing.


As part of her blog focussed on real style with unique perspective, Susannah loves to take a closer look at local designers, so we were keen to catch up with her. And more eager to see if she is a typical Leo.

Here’s what we discovered in 5 minutes with Susannah Jaffer, A Fashionable Leo…

Many stylish ladies look to others for inspiration. If you had to choose one, who is your fashion icon?

I don’t tend to go by fashion icons, but if I had to choose one person it would be Emmanuelle Alt. I’ve always admired chic, Parisian style. They always looks so effortlessly pulled together.

You know shopping in Singapore well, so if you had to take a tourist shopping for a day, where would you go?

Haji Lane, Club Street, any current flea markets, and a favourite vintage store, Dustbunny Vintage. Last but not least, Orchard Road – because its a must see and shop, I guess.

What was your last local designer purchase?

A navy and cream dress by hansel for my brothers wedding in Melbourne.

We recently caught up at AFX 2013 in Singapore, which local designers are you watching closely?

Artisan jewellery designer Carrie K., I love their most recent collection ‘A Beautiful Mess’, inspired by Pollock-esque paint splatters. Also LION EARL, for their digital prints and design inspirations. Overall, I love creativity when it comes to design. It can often be quite hard to make your visions reality, so finding individual touches in designers work is wonderful and what I appreciate the most. Love a bit of personality.


Which three local shops do you hope to see listed on Travelshopa?

There are some new boutiques opened on Haji Lane recently – one is Sempre, which stocks wearable Pakistani designs. There are also some great new showrooms open to shop who support local designers such as Tyrwhitt General Company (situated just above Chye Sin Huat hardware) and one of my favourite local jewellery brands, By Invite Only. They are stocked online as well as Nana & Bird, Tyrwhitt General Company, Threadbare & Squirrel, to name a few!

What kind of shopper are you? Can you give us an example to demonstrate this behaviour?

I would say I’m a mix of brand loyal, needs-based and bargain hunter. I have brands that I continually return to, e.g. Zara for basics and accessories, hansel for feel-good dresses etc. But in the past year, I’ve become a lot more aware of my spending (and ever expanding wardrobe!) and now only try to shop when I really need something. I recently had a huge wardrobe clear out to identify what I wear + do not wear, and the pieces I am missing to pull everything together, e.g. that killer pair of go-to black heels or the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans (currently on the look-out!)

It never hurts to find these things at a bargain price! Although I do appreciate those statement luxury pieces. A classic Prada purse, for example. A Phillip Lim Pashli or a Fendi Peekaboo are currently top of my wish-list!

Where in the world would you like to go shopping?

I love shopping in the Mediterranean. I’m currently lusting for a pair of authentic Greek leather sandals, and to go shopping in the souks in Tunisia.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love to shop when you travel?

I’m always attracted to the local wares wherever I’d go, I think its part and parcel of experiencing different cultures – so I’d say an 8!

And of course we can’t go past asking…. are you a typical Leo? In what way yes, or no?

What a question! Haha. Well, I would say I’m a typical Leo in that I’m very ambitious and determined, I’m very self-motivated and driven.

You can read more about Susannah at and you can find A Fashionable Leo on all popular social media platforms.

Where would you like to go shopping?

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