Women’s Fashion: 14 Emerging Designers to Note from Singapore

The emergence of local fashion designers in Singapore has been somewhat overwhelming in recent years. Gone are the days when the number of local fashion designers could be counted on one or two hands. Now fashionistas can be dressed by dozens of talented local designers. The choices are plentiful, and stylish women’s fashion can be found in all corners of the island.

With Audi Fashion Festival just around the corner and Blueprint, Asia’s Fashion Gateway, hitting the stage on May 18-19 2013, critics around the globe are preparing to see what Singapore’s fashion designers have in store. Here is a sneak preview at the women’s fashion designers we have our eye on! Many more than just a handful…

Alexandria ChenAlexandria Chen

Alexandria Chen is a young emerging designer based in Singapore. After studying Fashion Design at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Alexandria Chen founded her own fashion label. In April 2012, she launched her debut collection, ALEXANDRIA CHEN, after spending some time designing corporate uniforms and womenswear. This collection is clearly inspired by the belief that fashion is a form of art, with unique leather and acrylic accessories cleverly complimenting each look. Alexandria Chen is available at PARCO next NEXT and online at http://alexandriachen.com


AMEN is dedicated to creating apparel that portrays a strong sense of identity and style. After graduating at Lasalle College of The Arts, due team Clinton and Nicole embarked on developing a strong signature style, and making sure that it is evident in everything they do. The creation of AMEN came about from combining influences from music, subcultures, art and lifestyle, rather than following trends. AMEN represents the beauty of nature, the simplicity of things. AMEN is available at Blackmarket, Tyrwhitt General Company and online at http://www.amenlabel.com/


A.W.O.L., ‘All Walks Of Life’, is a ladies’ wear label that seeks originality and refinement for everyday people. This Singaporean fashion label focuses on clean lines, coupled with high quality fabric, and feminine details. By fusing Eastern and Western cultures, the brand stands for positive energy, celebrates uniqueness and encourages women to seek originality and refinement. Collections by A.W.O.L. are deliberately tailored to suit people from all walks of life | http://www.awol.sg/


Cosset, which means pamper, is the next generation of womenswear basics. Putting comfort as a priority for women’s everyday wear, Cosset uses luxuriously soft, sustainable bamboo fabric that is easy to care for and functional. These designs were made to mix and match with other items in their current and previous collections like versatility, reversible, multi-wear, and what more, Cosset bamboo basics puts the ‘fun’ in fundamental. Cosset is available at Zalora, Doorstep Luxury and http://www.cossetinc.com/


Founded by Raffles Design Institute Fashion Design student, Lee Yun Ting, Episene is a fashion label created for stylish modern individuals. Episene, meaning “belonging to or partaking of the characteristic of both genders”, is inspired by the drawing of elements from both genders and blending them together; coming up with a design that is uniquely Episene. Besides the designs being slightly androgynous, they are heavily influenced by art, history, and philosophy and yet have an edgy and unique twist. Episene is available at Parco next Next, Blackmarket and http://www.episene.com/

Noël Caleb

Noël Caleb is a label that strongly believes that “Sunday’s best” should be seen everyday. Noël Caleb’s signature designs are colourful pieces ready for easy mix-and-match. The designs are of strong aesthetics and ready-to-wear pieces perfect for everyday wear. Noel Caleb is available at www.noelcaleb.com

Ong ShunmugamOng Shunmugam

Ong Shunmugam is a contemporary womenswear label that carries a simple quest to craft beautiful clothes. The local label focuses on sartorial construction instead of fast fashion, on cut and fit before look, on longevity over excess. Ong Shunmugam, designed and made across Asia, often reworks familiar influences, weaving traditional textile techniques, colours and silhouettes. Ong Shunmugam burst into the local fashion in 2012 with an innovative take on the cheongsam and profound historical linkages to their unique and standout creations. Ong Shunmugam is available at their Atelier or on their website http://www.ongshunmugam.com/

Pauline NingPauline.Ning

Pauline.Ning is Singapore’s new rising designer label that provides urban ready-to-wear feminine clothing. By merging contemporary fashion and traditional handcrafted work, the final outcome of the clothing embraces edginess to a whole new extent. Pauline.Ning’s capsule collection was inspired by the fragility of Chinese porcelain and the toughness of gilt metal. Pauline.Ning is available at Parco next NEXT | http://www.paulinening.com.sg

Saloni RathorSaloni Rathor

Saloni Rathor is a distinctive line of contemporary ready-to-wear for women. Extensive travels have inspired the collections, which compose stories taken from montages of cultures, spaces and time. The label promises to empower women through comfort and quality. Whether in making a statement in a crowd or plainly expressing her mood, Saloni Rathor woman dresses with intent. Saloni Rathor is available at Parco next NEXT, Victoria Jomo and online at Gnossem, Shop Zaozao and Mademoiselle Catwalk | http://www.salonirathor.com


Regarded as one of the first quintessential local designers to pioneer new grounds in the local fashion scene, Saturday embodies the carefree spirit of the weekend soul. Saturday emphasises the simplicity and comfort of modern fashion by weaving a strong identity with its quirky take on classic forms. Denoted by its streamline silhouette and minimalistic design, Saturday reflects every façade of a women. Nic Wong, the successor behind Nicholas, has always been accredited for his meticulous attention and creating clean lines. Each collection marries classic styles with up-to-date aesthetic elements. Saturday is available at Saturday Wheelock Place, Tangs Orchard, Rockstar, What Women Want and online at Wear To, Pixi Market, Collective Habit, Darkroom London and http://www.iwearsaturday.com


SophistiX is a melting pot of Asian styling and Western silhouettes, with a primary mission to provide classic looks at great value. SophistiX firmly believe in fashion that transforms and transcends seasonal fads and trends together with a fusion of the latest runway styles in classic cuts and colors. SophistiX makes every woman chic and well dressed for her busy daily routine. The outfits can take one from home to work to a dinner party in pure style and comfort which are also designed for confidence and attitude. SophistiX is available at Berry Benka, Zalora and online at http://www.sophistix.net.


Stolen is a Singapore womenswear cult label with bold fashion creations founded in 2007 by Elyn Wong. The brand has received a high level of recognition by framing curves of a women’s sensuality with the strength of geometric architecture. The label aspires to be trend-neutral and focuses much more on the marriage between art and fashion. Stolen has elegantly created a timeless yet modern, minimalist signature look, and has successfully claimed the backless dress as its signature. STOLEN is available at Twoori, Society Of Black Sheep, W Hotel, Hide&Seek and Blackmarket, and Stolen!

Weekend SundriesWeekend Sundries

Weekend Sundries is a Singapore-based design label with a penchant for timeless silhouettes and witty details. Inspired by a tropical climate and everything else that comes along with it, its debut collection brings together a bold neutral palette of quality fabrics and prints, offering versatile yet distinctive wardrobe essentials. Their clothing reinterprets classic aesthetics, blending everyday modern sensibility with an understated edge. Weekend Sundries is available at Eclecticism, Threadbare & Squirrel and online at http://weekendsundries.com

Yacht 21

YACHT 21, founded in 2009 by Jaren Ho, is a Singaporean label inspired by the lifestyle of yachters and the simple Scandinavian designs. Yacht 21 is a fashion-forward brand that offers simple yet chic styles. The brand is dedicated to creating cruise and resort wear that is timeless and functional. Each collection is made from luggage friendly material such as cotton, denim, microfiber, straw and poplin that are easy to pack, light weight and breathable. They are easy to clean and look great without ironing of fuss, casual, yet classy. Yacht21 is available at their stores at Bugis Junction, Jurong Point 2 and Raffles XChange | http://www.yacht21.com.sg

Which designers do you have your eye on?

You are invited to attend Blueprint – Asia’s Fashion Gateway

Date. 18-19 May 2013

Venue. The Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975

Opening Hours. 11am – 8pm

Admission. Open to public. Free admission


We do not take credit of the images used in this post. Images are c/o shops or businesses.

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