Introducing 10 of the Most Talented Jewellery Designers in Singapore!

It may surprise many that Singapore is quickly becoming a hub of fabulously talented artisans. When it comes to accessories, and jewellery in particular, there is no shortage of design creativity and quality product coming right from the people of the island. Moreover, contrary to common belief the pieces are highly affordable and unique, reducing the risk of finding your stunt-double in a public place.

Many of these local brands will be seen at prominent fashion shows in 2013 in Singapore, kicking off with Blueprint – Asia’s Fashion Gateway on May 18-19, 2013. So it’s best you get familiar with them from now, and know where to buy their unique pieces. However beware… each of these local fashion jewellery designers has a truly unique story. Stories that will make you want to buy a piece from each of them.

Carrie K.

Carrie K.Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery marries artisan-crafted jewellery with playfully provocative design. Carrie K. challenges traditional notions and sees beauty in imperfection. This skill can be seen in all her ladies and men’s collections where she displays playfully elegant handcrafted jewellery in gold, silver, semi and precious stones. The Heavy Mettle Collection (right) has taken runways around the region by storm, displaying accessories about inner strength and not judging a book by its cover.

carriek2 copyThe Odyseey collection is also a favourite, inspired by the ancient greek epic poem about Odysseus’ long journey home to Ithaca after the Trojan war. The pieces are designed to look like they could have been from that ancient age, and recently uncovered by archeologists. Carrie K is available at a variety of shops Doorstep Luxury, Strangelets as well as Blackmarket, Front Row, MAD, Tangs, The Society of Black Sheep, W.E., W Hotel and Gnossem


Choo YillinChoo Yilin partners with heritage and social impact communities, creating luxurious pieces that tell important stories of their conservation efforts. The label works with highly skilled artisans in South-East Asia that come from a rich history of wood and jade carving, silver-smithing and other fine jewellery techniques. The brand is known for its richly-coloured gemstones as well as its sculptural, organic and feminine forms, winning numerous international design awards. It has exhibited its work at Paris Fashion Week and has been featured extensively in the press, including The New York Times and The Financial Times. Available at Trixilini.


EdypoiSince 2011, Edypoi has taken timepiece designs to a new level of unique. It is with meticulous contradiction that every Edypoi timepiece is imagined and designed in Singapore. Edypoi continues to fabricate its watches in small production batches to ensure impeccable craftsmanship and quality. We love that each watch has “designed in the little red dot” just to remind you that the watch is local! You can see these marvelous watches at Swagger Store and The Society of Black Sheep

Foreword By Foreword Labels

ForewordFOREWORD’s accessories line is handmade constructed from ropes and hardware. Mixing stylish trends with traditional hardware materials like hex nuts and washer, the collection’s necklaces are tied and knot around each other to form a braided pattern. The simplicity and uniqueness in the construction of these necklaces fashion them as an interesting accessory for casual or formal occasions. Available online (and they have a ‘try us at home first and pay later’ policy!!)

Holstad & Co

Vintage Lover's Collection Signature Cocktail RingsHolstad & Co. has a signature style of Hollywood glamour with rock and roll imprinted onto their signature bands, and made from the finest craftsmanship in Singapore. Designed all over the world by the designer sisters Natalie and Sandra Holstad, Holstad & Co. have come to represent a timeless collection of art on fine jewellery appreciated by many. Inspired by nature, people, places, and raw forms, their designs are a part of iconic elegance and unique beauty: one part flamboyant, one part classic, one part extravagant and all love. Full collection available online and selected items available at Gnossem and Asia Fashion Inc.

Marilyn Tan

Bronze Light Small RingsMarilyn Tan is one of Singapore’s top jewellery designers, thanks to 20 years spent designing and creating unique contemporary pieces by hand. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are all hand-crafted. She loves to use both polished and unusual uncut un-facetted stones. She works mostly in .925 silver, 18k white and yellow gold. Marilyn Tan’s unique creations reveal an amazing perspective, defined with a rare talent.

Marilyn recently started working in brass where the main body of the pieces are cast from a mould and then finished by hand. She also employs other materials such as leather, silk, acrylic or suede, creating exquisite, distinctive pieces with a quirky edge. What distinguishes her work is its boldness and colour. Her designs and style appeal to strong, confident, independent people. Available at Antipodean, Asiatique, Front Row, Quintessential, Society of Black Sheep and Trixilini and online at Doorstep Luxury, Gnossem and Jewellery Shores

Notiz By Jooix

Jooix RubyNotiz is Jooix’s debut and limited edition fine jewellery collection. Luxurious and utterly unique, the inspiration is a pair of oh-so-adorable owls set in precious ruby and yellow sapphire on 92.5 silver dipped in gun-metal. Not to be missed too are the coveted necklaces in spring hues and precious stones. Only the best components are used comprising 18k gold, 92.5 silver, a riveting mix of semi-precious stones and Japanese Akoya pearls. Designed by Jooix Director Angelina Seow, it represents her dedication to fusing statement trends with the timeless quality of fine jewellery, bringing curation to the next level.

Jooix Gina


SaughtSaught, which means “peace and reconciliation”, is a social business which creates products from war remnants to support sustainability in post-conflict. Each step of the process uniquely benefits these communities providing solutions to the problems associated with poverty. Saught partners with international and Singaporean designers and design schools who use their design gifts for social good and each collection (aptly named freedom from war, poverty and fear) is handmade in Cambodia to support livelihood and income generation projects.


T. Atelier Jewels

T. Atelier JewelsT. Atelier, a Singapore-based jewellery label, creates contemporary luxe pieces for the bold, modern women of today. Producing two collections: Être is a glamourous compilation featuring pavé diamonds on fine gold, while Avoir is a lively collection of precious and semi-precious stones on fine gold vermeil, which carries the modern woman from day to night. Androgyne, an collection androgenous collection will be launched at Blueprint. On the right is a sneak peek. Available at W The Store at W Hotel Sentosa Cove and Willow & Huxley

Yuki Mitsuyasu       

Yuki Mitsuyasu SHINE_STARSFounded in 2009, Yuki Mitsuyasu designs and constructs pieces intended to tell a story. Mitsuyasuʼs choice of materials, the manner by which they are shaped, and the functions they perform all work collectively to weave the intended narrative. And just as there is more than one side to a story, Mitsuyasu stresses too the importance of jewellery looking beautiful from every angle.

Yuki Brass CuffFor AW13/14, Yuki Mitsuyasu is re-launching the best selling Shine collection to celebrate the 5th year of the continued popularity of the star collection. In addition to the existing pieces, new line includes Bridal Pearl pieces, cufflinks and chunky brass pieces.

Available at Inhabit the other store, Blackmarket, Society of Black Sheep and Nana & Bird

Until next time, happy shopping wherever you may be!

the travelshopa team XX


You are invited to attend Blueprint – Asia’s Fashion Gateway – EMPORIUM

Date. 18-19 May 2013

Venue. The Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975

Opening Hours. 11am – 8pm

Admission. Open to public. Free admission


We do not take credit of the images used in this post. Images are c/o shops or businesses.

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