Greetings from sunny California!

G’day from the USA! Sorry for the silence of late, we have been busy road tripping through sunny California. Although it’s Spring here, we have been enjoying crisp 30+ degrees Celsius, blue skies, and car windows down…

We landed in LA and headed straight for “the desert”. Being our first time in Palm Desert we spent most of the time touring and discovering the sites, and left with a bonus “memory” on an earthquake. In therms of shopping, I wouldn’t say Palm Desert is a shoppers paradise, but we did manage to sniff out a few local shops, local brands (post coming soon) that cater to the local residents. We then headed to the coast (Del Mar) for a little beach action… where we unexpectedly discovered our latest love Cedros Avenue Design District and stumbled upon better local shopping then we ever expected to find! I recommend all travelshopas to put this on on their west coast US shopping itinerary! We finished off our Californian adventure by circling back to LA (to board a plane). And completing a whopping 700 miles in 4 days.

Next stop… Colorado. More soon XX

It’s always nice to be greeted by The President


Desert approaching


Green California (and the region of the quake)


Crossing the desert to the beach, where I had an intense “Thelma & Louise” flashback


Hello Pacifico – from the other side 😉


One thing I love about the west coast is the sunsets. The one was not great as there is thick fog at this time of year, but it still itched my scratch


Our latest love…. Cedros Avenue Design District (read all about it)


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