SPOTLIGHT ON | Expat Auctions

expat auctions logoV2Shop Name. Expat Auctions

City. Singapore

Categories. Home & Garden

Type of Shop. Bricks & Mortar

Shop here for. Vintage/Second-hand


Expat Auctions is an auction house selling quality recycled home furnishings on behalf of the owners. In the main the furnishings in our weekly auctions come from Expat families downsizing or leaving Singapore or from shops that are overstocked. So our clients are sure to get quality recycled furnishings at reasonable prices.

Items range from US$10-5,000


Address. 01-01 Citilink Warehouse

102F Pasir Panjang Road 118530 Singapore



‘Spotlight On’ covers the travelshopa Founding Shops, which will feature on the launch site of

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