SPOTLIGHT ON | Desti Saint

desti_saintShop Name. Desti Saint

City. Singapore

Categories. Bags & Luggage, Women’s Fashion

Type of Shop. Online, Pop-up Stores

Shop here for. Now trending/Latest fashion, Something unique, Something special for HER


For Desti Saint, the designer, what started out as a shopping expedition to find the “right” colour gold handbag has turned into a passion to design fashionable bags that are beautiful to look at that women can use in everyday life. Her designs reflect her personality – vivacious, versatile and with an exuberance for life that is both whimsical and grounded.

Born in Hong Kong of South African & Kiwi descent, she has found her own personal heaven in Asia of which the colours, the culture and people has been a constant source of fascination and has greatly influenced her creativity, much of which she has incorporated into her designs.

Today, Desti Saint handbags has a growing fanbase across Asia with a strong following in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

Items range from US$150-400




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