Hidden Treasures around Cluny Court, Singapore

For those in the know Cluny Court, is so much more than your local shopping centre. And this change is slowly spreading up Bukit Timah Road to Serene Centre, and Coronation Plaza…


Right next door to Cluny Court resides Serene Centre. Serene Centre has not been typically known for its shopping, BUT things are changing… From the outside Serene Centre looks like it is a conglomeration of varying eateries. Well, hidden up on level two is where all the shopping magic happens. Literally… With two extraordinary anchor tenants Serene Centre, focused on children, this is surly one shopping centre to watch. Oh, and well worth visiting for the sake of the children!

Toy Station.toystation copy

Without a doubt Toy Station has the most extensive range of LEGO in Singapore, at unbeatable prices. 15% off the recommended retail price (RRP), always!! The team at Toy Station has been working for years, perhaps even more than 2 decades, making sure that many things remain exclusive to them. It is because they are toy enthusiasts and collectors that you will find such a huge collection of nanoBlocks, board games, Fisher Price and Hasbro toys, and of course LEGO. All at prices lower than most major departmental stores. Their online shop carries most items, but certainly it is worth paying the shop a visit just to see the shop for yourself..

When Billy Grows Up.

When Billy Grows Up brings the most intriguing collection of baby, children and tween clothing, accessories and picture books to you. Each carefully selected piece has the same enchanting handmade, quirky and vintage sparkle as its boutique owner, Belinda (Billy). You won’t find any of these creative, innovative and original treasures anywhere else in Singapore.

WhenBillyGrowsUpSo, next time you have a present to buy for a special little someone now know where to go…


A little further up Bukit Timah Road, across Farrer Road is Coronation Plaza. This shopping centre has a certain vibe about it; one that resembles the hustle and bustle of a busy supermarket. On level 2, above a very busy (and recently revamped) Fair Price, amongst a plethora of photocopy shops you will discover a peaceful little home décor store.

Artisan’s Loft.

artisanloft copy

At Artisan’s Loft will find beautifully handcrafted leather journals, natural teak bowls, perfect wood carvings, unique mirrors, scented candles and candle holders, exceptional lamps bases and shades, as well as a wide range of handcrafted home décor storage items. It’s the perfect store for small presents for someone’s birthday or just a thoughtful gift for social visits. What’s more you can order your very own suar-wood tables, benches and stools – all made-to-order! (Note that Artisan’s Loft is closed on Mondays).

Happy shopping wherever you may be!

the travelshopa team XX

Serene Centre

Address. 10 Jalan Serene 258748 Singapore

Phone. 6468 3054

Opening times. 10am – 7pm (note that some stores vary)

Parking. Car park

Nearest MRT. Botanic Gardens (Cluny Exit)

Coronation Plaza

Address. 587 Bukit Timah Road 269707 Singapore

Opening times. 12pm-6pm

Parking. Street and car park

Nearest MRT. Botanic Gardens (Cluny Exit)

For more on the shops at Cluny Court read on

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