Unique Gifts for your Little Prince or Princess!

Being the time for giving, don’t give your little prince or princess the same old dull and boring gifts. Why not give them something unique from a local shop, local brand in Singapore?

Gifts from these local shops will have you in the running for [insert your role here] of the year!!! Or perhaps they will also help entice your little one to be ‘nice’ for yet another year.

when billy grows up copyWhen Billy Grows Up. It is here you will find quality babies’ and children’s fashion, accessories and home decor oozing with personality and style. You’ll spend your time just wandering the store admiring all the well-curated pieces and plotting how you will take everything home with you. Some of the baby clothes are so adorable you may even wish you had little ones all over again.

O with Double Dots copyO With Double Dots. O with DoubleDots sells a range of handcrafted goods, from pinatas to flower pots. Evonne now proudly calls herself a pinata Artist and Crafter of Happy Goods, for happy people.

Emma Laue copyEmma Laue Children. Emma Laue Children dresses girls and boys from 0-4, in classic designs with a contemporary edge. Designed for a tropical climate, all are made from 100% natural fibres, in exquisite prints and delicious colours and quality fabrics. All garments are produced by hand to the highest degree, Emma even makes many of the collections herself!

Elly copyElly. Elly has a collection of gorgeous and fun dresses for little girls and sharp and cheery shirts of boys.  Founded in 2009 Elly is guided by the principle that children’s clothing can be beautiful yet comfortable and practical.  Our classic collection features the Wonderland and Twinkle dresses and the Little Man’s Shirt which use only 100% designer cotton fabrics imported from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Tom & Teddy copyTom & Teddy. Tom & Teddy is a premium swimwear brand for men and boys. Featuring vibrant and contemporary designs, based on a range of original paintings, Tom & Teddy apparel offers a fun and relaxed style that is synonymous with Australian beach culture.

ni-night-3 copyni-night. Ni Night is where you your little one’s room will be transformed into a magical area where they can relax, play, study and bring their friends with a touch of pride and ownership.

Funky Frog copy

Funky Frog. Personalised Children’s Clothing from 0 – 12 years.

Jack and Bunny copyJack and Bunny. Jack and Bunny is a fun and unique range of children’s bed linen and accessories from single bed and cot bed sheet sets, wall art and bean bag chairs.

LouBeLou copy

LouBeLou. LouBeLou sources beautiful pieces for active and imaginative children.  Recently launched in Singapore they sell a range of items from pretty apron sets and money boxes in retro designs to gorgeous beanbags and beautiful handmade playhouses for girls and boys  – allowing imaginations to run free as adventures begin.

Until next time, happy shopping wherever you may be!

the travelshopa team xx

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