SPOTLIGHT ON | My Island Home

myislandhome copyShop Name. My Island Home

City. Sydney

Categories. Accessories, Books, Stationery & Gifts, Home & Garden, Men’s Fashion, Shoes & Footwear, Women’s Fashion

Type of Shop. Bricks & Mortar and Online

Shop here for. Christmas presents, Now Trending/Latest fashion, Something unique


My Island Home is a boutique for those who love the tropics. We’re full of island-style home wares, gifts, and resort wear. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re actually on holiday.

We’re a little bit “laid-back beach pad”and a little bit “relaxed tropical resort” We prefer things to be hand-made of natural materials by craftsmen and artisans, not pumped out in a giant factory by a machine.

Take a little holiday with us.


Items range from US$10-5,000


Address. 5 Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay


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