SPOTLIGHT ON | Dimity Kidston

dimitykidston copyShop Name. Dimity Kidston

City. Sydney

Categories. Home & Garden

Type of Shop. Bricks & Mortar

Shop here for. Bespoke/Handmade


Dimity Kidston ceramics is handmade at every stage of its creation and as such no two pieces are exactly alike. Her current range of beakers, breakfast bowls, platters and large display bowls are individually carved utilising as graffito technique where the pigmented slip is etched from the surface by hand, revealing a beautifully textured and tactile design. Decorative yet utilitarian, this has been a consistent thread to Dimity Kidston’s design ethos over the last 20 years.

Items range from US$50


Address. 84 William St, Paddington



‘Spotlight On’ covers the travelshopa Founding Shops, which will feature on the launch site of

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