More Saigon boutiques: For those who have more time, and a few spare Dong!

When they said to you there is plenty of shopping in Ho Chi Minh, they were not lying. If you have more time, and any Vietnamese Dong left over (or your credit card is not maxed out) from Top 10 Must-see Fashion Boutiques in Ho Chi Minh City why not get a few more things for YOU!

7th Heaven. 151/6 Dong Khoi. A fun, youthful label producing bright and vibrant fashion. This is a real hidden gem, so take yourself off the sidewalk and go upstairs!

Bunga. 108 Le Loi. Original colourful designs with floral motifs for the young lass. You’ll find it all here – clothes, hats, bags and accessories.

Maison de Bunga. 81 Pasteur. The big sister of Bunga. More flamboyant designs for a lady (not old lady!).

Lam. 1st floor, 71 Mac Thi Buoi. Brace yourself to go a little off the beaten track here. Once you are upstairs in the comforts of Lam, you will be surrounded by vintage inspired fashion and accessories, as well as all things beautiful for your home.

Shin. 122 Ly Tu Trong / 177 De Tham / 53A Nguyen Du. If you love the golden ages Hollywood fashion, this is the shop for you. Vintage style classic fashion in simple yet youthful styles. Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out!

Umbrella. 35 Ly Tu Trong. Elegant, feminine fashion and accessories for all occasions – from the office to a cocktail party. Natural fabrics, such as silk, satin, raw silk, silk taffeta, linen, cotton jersey, organza.

Before you embark on your travels, make sure you are confident in Navigating your way around Saigon, Vietnam!

Until next time, happy shopping wherever you may be!

the travelshopa team xx

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